Buying Without a Realtor

After you decide that you are interested in one of our properties you can contact us via phone, 

613-547-3610 or email

You may then ask any questions you have and set up a time to see the properties.

We will be able to answer all your questions about the lots, show you surveys, let you know about the area.

If you decide you would like to put an offer in on one of our gorgeous waterfront lots we will meet with you and discuss potential terms.

These might involve whether or not there is to be a vendor take back of a mortgage.  In that case we would discuss the amount, terms, rate and down payment.

If you know the amount you wish to offer we will consider your offer and terms and advise you as to whether we are prepared to accept them.  If you wish, we can do up a draft Agreement of Purchase and Sale for you to take to your lawyer for discussion purposes BEFORE ANYONE signs the agreement. Guy, having practiced law for 25 years has done hundreds of these.

This may reduce your legal costs as some of the work is already completed.

Lawyers are accustomed to having an Agreement of Purchase and Sale delivered to them by their clients for advice BEFORE the Agreement is signed.

A lawyer knowledgeable in real estate law can accurately advise you on any additional clauses that should be inserted into the Agreement of Purchase and Sale for your protection. They will advise you on matter such as whose name the property should go into for tax purposes and on HST matters.

When your lawyer and yourself are in agreement to any amendments to the original draft Agreement of Purchase and Sale your lawyer will have you sign the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and he can then send it to us for consideration. 

Upon acceptance your lawyer and our lawyer will complete the rest of the work.

If you feel uncomfortable discussing price with us in person we can give you the legal description of the property and your lawyer can prepare the Agreement of Purchase and Sale with the terms you wish and forward the Agreement to us to consider and accept.

Easy. ‚Äč