‚ÄčA Queen's University Law Grad, Guy Laidlaw practiced law for 25 years before retiring.  He then turned his mind towards other things including co-developing a pulsating laser for cancer diagnosis, co-owner of a manufacturing company, he is currently working on microbial fuel cells, and of course waterfront property development.

Pam Cross worked in the financial field for 15 years before moving to the Bahamas. She owned and operated a dive shop there returning to Canada in 2000. When not working on property developing Pam spends her spare time in the studio Guy built for her, creating glass pieces.

Since 2002 Pam and Guy have worked primarily on waterfront property development. More recently they have collaborated on waterfront properties on Red Horse Lake, Singleton Lake and Lyndhurst Lake, Lake Ontario and Upper Beverly Lake.

With the changing environmental and financial climate the pair has realized that having access to fresh water and land is going to become essential in the future.  Clean water and the ability to grow fresh food - in the ground or on the hoof - is going to become paramount.  Accordingly they decided to create large acreage waterfront lots to enable self-sufficiency. Solar energy is being used on a new house being built on one of the lots on Lyndhurst Lake.

With waterfront real estate continuously holding and increasing its value year in and year out Pam and Guy know the investment in one of these lots will be an asset to your investment portfolio and your mental health plan.


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